The amount of any deposit and charges are detailed in the order and are based on our current price list from time to time.

Where a deposit is required for the equipment it must be paid before you hire the equipment

You shall pay the charges from the date specified in the order and will continue paying the charges during the hire period until (i) we have given you a collection or off-hire number; and (ii) you have returned the equipment to us or we have collected the equipment within a reasonable period after the issue of the off-hire number, being not more than 3 working days, and equipment is in a clean and serviceable condition and we have given you a receipt. All time during the hire period is chargeable and the charge may be payable on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays as appropriate.

All charges are, unless otherwise stated, exclusive of any applicable VAT You shall pay all sums due to us under this contract without any set-off, deduction, counterclaim and/or any other withholding of monies


Risk, Ownership and Insurance

Risk in the equipment and/or product will pass to you immediately when the equipment leaves our physical possession or control

Risk in the equipment will not pass back to us from you until the equipment is returned to our physical procession

Ownership of the equipment remain with us at all time. You have no right, title or interest in the equipment except that it is hired to you

You must not deal with the ownership or any interest in the equipment. This includes but is not limited to selling, assigning, mortgaging, pledging, charging, securing, hiring, withholding, exerting any right to withhold, disposing of and/or lending


Delivery, Collection and Services

You should collect the equipment from us and return it to us at the end of the hire period. If we agree to deliver or collect the equipment to and/or from you, we will charge our standard delivery cost from time to time

Where we provide the services relating to the hire of equipment the persons performing the services are your responsibility. You shall be solely responsible for any damage which occurs as a result of such persons following your instructions during the hire period, except to the extent that the persons performing the services are negligent

You shall provide suitable access route for delivery and collection of the equipment with unrestricted entry and approach and supply and lay timbers or appropriate temporary foundations in a suitable position for loading and unloading and for the equipment to rest on

You shall pay for any lifting or special apparatus required for the siting of the equipment

If any services are delays, postponed and/or cancelled due to your failure to comply with your obligations under the contract, you will be liable to additional standard charges from time to time for such delay, postponement and/or cancellation except where the delay is due to force majeure


Care of Equipment

You shall:

Not deface or remove any labels from and/or interfere with the equipment, their working mechanisms or any other parts of them

Take reasonable care of the equipment and keep them properly maintained and only use them for their proper purpose in a safe and correct manner in accordance with any operating and/or safety instruction of electrical engineers

Notify us immediately and in any event within 24 hours after any breakdown, loss and/or damage to the equipment or of any accident resulting in death, personal injury or damage to property

Take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and/or other risks

Notify us of any change of your address and upon our request provide details of the location of the equipment

Permit us at all reasonable time to inspect the equipment including procuring access to any property where the equipment is situated

Keep the equipment at all reasonable times in your procession and control and not to remove the equipment from the UK without our prior written consent

Not do or omit to do anything which will or may be deemed to invalidate any policy of insurance related to the equipment

Be responsible for the conduct and cost of any testing, examinations and/or checks in relation to the equipment required by any legislation, best practice and/or operating instructions, except to the extent that we have agreed to provide them as part of any services

Not continue to use equipment where it has been damaged

Where the equipment requires duel, oil and/or electricity ensure that the proper type and/or voltage is used and that, where appropriate, the equipment is properly installed by a qualified and competent person

You must return the equipment in good working order and condition (fair wear and tear excepted) in a clean condition together with all licences, registration and other documents relating to the equipment

It is your responsibility to check the calibration of the equipment on each occasion before use. Final determination of the suitability of the equipment for your specific use is your responsibility and you must assume all risk and liability in this regard


Allowance will be made in relation to the charges for any non-use of the equipment due to breakdown caused by the development of an inherent fault and/or fair wear and tear provided that you inform us as soon as practicable of the breakdown

You shall be responsible for all expenses, loss (including) loss of charges) and/or damage suffered by us arising from any breakdown of the equipment due to your negligence, misdirection and/or misuse of the equipment

We will at our own cost, carry out all routine maintenance and repairs to the equipment during the hire period(but you agree that you are responsible for applying all lubricating oils and other maintenance detailed in the operating instruction) and all repairs which are required due to fair wear and tear and/or an inherent fault in the equipment

You will be responsible for the cost of all repairs necessary to Equipment during the Hire Period which arise

It is your responsibility to return Equipment to us or arrange for us to collect Equipment for re-testing 3 months after the date on which the Hire Period commenced

You must not repair or attempt to repair the Equipment without our prior written consent


Loss or Damaged to The Hired Goods

If the Equipment is returned in damaged, unclean and/or defective state (except where due to fair wear and tear and/ or an inherent fault in the Equipment) you shall be liable to pay us for the cost of any repair and/or cleaning required to return the Equipment to a condition fit for re-hire

You will pay to us the replacement cost of any Equipment (on a new for old basis) which is lost, stolen and/or damaged beyond economic repair during the Hire Period

You will pay to us our costs which we may incur in tracking or recovering any lost or stolen Equipment

You shall pay the Charges for the Equipment up to and including the date you notify us that the Equipment has been lost, stolen and/or damaged beyond economic repair. From that date until we have replaced such Equipment (or retrieved any lost or stolen Equipment), you shall pay, as a genuine pre-estimate of lost Charges profit, a sum as liquidated damages being equal to two thirds of the Charges that would have applied for such Equipment for that period. We shall use our reasonable commercial endeavours to purchase replacements for such Equipment as quickly as possible


Termination by Notice

If the Hire Period has a fixed duration, neither party shall be entitled to terminate the Contract before the expiry of that fixed period unless by agreement

If the Hire Period does not have a fixed duration either party may terminate the Contract upon giving to the other party any agreed period of notice

Account Application Form

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